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Radiofrequency Skin Lift


hair loss laser treatmentAre you bothered by wrinkles and fine lines? If the answer is ‘yes’ and you have tried various cosmetic products and anti-ageing creams with no noticeable change, here is a solution for you.

Radiofrequency Skin Lift – an advanced method of skin treatment for removal of wrinkles and skin sagging by promoting natural collagen build up by your own skin.

The treatment works by passing high frequency radio waves through your skin. This heats up the collagen which makes up the supporting tissue of the skin. This process tightens your skin, removes wrinkles and gives your skin a fresh appearance. Along with us, the dermal cells called fibroblasts, over a period of time produces new collagen which removes the outlines and curves and makes the skin glowing.

The RF Skin Life can be used on parts of the body like face, neck, arms, tummy, back and thighs.

The important advantage of this treatment is that you start seeing the results immediately after the treatment starts. The best results are visible after two six months of starting the treatment. There is also no age bar for this treatment. However, it is advisable to start the treatment when the sagging has just started as ‘prevention is better than cure’.


The treatment is suitable for all skin types as it doesn’t interfere with the melanin in the skin.
It is a safe method treatment without any complexities involved in it.
The treatment is painless and well tolerated by most of the people.

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