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Thread Lifts


hair loss laser treatmentThread Lift is an important method of cosmetic treatment to correct the jawline. It is a painless, less invasive procedure which will take only few minutes. Thread Lift is performed to address issues like unsightly double chin, or give you a more chiselled jawline.

The procedure involves placing thin threads (like sutures) inside the skin to provide additional support and contour to the skin. After the application of a numbing cream, threads are pushed into the deeper layers of the skin. The treated skin immediately appears lifted and threads and left behind in the skin. This procedure tightens the skin and also enables the skin to produce new collagen and tightens along the threads to give the skin a fresh and youthful look. The threads automatically dissolve over a period of time.

Thread lifts can be used to treat crows’ feet, smile lines around the mouth, sagging round the jawline, eye brow lift and even treat body sagging in the arms and around tummy area.


There are no side effects associated with the treatment. You may face some bruising and swelling which disappears gradually without any further medication.
Usually, the results are visible immediately after the treatment. Best results are seen after one month of initiating the treatment.
No, there is no age restriction and hence anybody can undergo this treatment.

To know more about the treatment, fix an appointment with Dr. Rasya today.

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