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Thread Lifts

One of the newer cosmetic treatments that is fast gaining popularity in South East Asia and India is the Thread Lifts. This is a painless, minimally invasive procedure, which can be done in a few minutes and can address that unsightly double chin, or give you a more chiselled jawline. Read on to learn more about Thread lifts.

What are Thread Lifts?

Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure where thin, threads (like sutures) are placed inside the skin to provide additional support and contour to the skin. This helps to immediately tighten the skin, and over a period of time, the skin itself produces new collagen and tightens along the threads to give a lifted refreshed look.

Are there different kinds of Thread lifts?

The older Thread Lift was a surgical procedure, which needed hospitalisation and used barbed threads. The new techniques use finer threads, and newer techniques of placement of the threads make this a minimally invasive procedure, which can be done in the clinic without any need of hospitalisation.

Who can get this treatment done?

Age is not a criteria for this procedure. When youngsters lose weight very fast, their skin tends to sag over the arms and face. Since this treatment is a simple, safe treatment, even young people can opt for the same.

Thread lifts can be used to treat crows feet, smile lines around the mouth, sagging around the jaw line, eye brow lift, and even treat body sagging in the arms and around the tummy area.

What is the procedure?

After the application of a numbing cream, fine threads are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin. The treated skin immediately appears lifted, and the threads are left behind in the skin. The threads stimulate new collagen formation that literally lifts the skin over a period of months. The threads dissolve over time.

What are the side effects?

When used by an experienced Doctor, the side effects are minimal. There may be some bruising and swelling, which disappears without any additional treatments.

When can I see the results?

The results are seen immediately after treatment, however, best results are appreciated after one month of treatment. Results may vary depending on number of threads used. Consult Dr. Rasya Dixit today for a customised treatment programme.

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