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Oxygen Infusion facials

Oxygen! Just the word brings to mind a breath of fresh air. Imagine if you could harness the power of oxygen to refresh and replenish your skin. The oxygen infusions facials do just that.

How do Oxygen infusion facials work?

The Oxygen infusion facial is a simple, pain free treatment skin treatment where an airbrush is used to deliver a boost of oxygen, vital nutrients, anti ageing serums, vitamins and moisturisers into your skin. This makes the skin visibly smoother, plumper and free of wrinkles and lines. The treatment adds instant brightness to your skin. This is a great pre-party treatment.

How safe is the Oxygen infusion facial?

This facial is a powerful but gentle treatment. Using oxygen under high pressure means that there are no instruments even touching your skin, making it very effective at the same time very safe.

Can I have the treatment if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, you can! This treatment is safe for patients with acne, rosacea or those with extremely dry skin. However, make sure your dermatologist sees you at every visit, so that she can titrate the active ingredients in the treatment to offer maximum benefit for your skin type.

How often do I need to have the treatment?

Most dermatologists suggest fortnightly treatments initially followed by monthly maintenance. However, this is a great pre party treatment as well.

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