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PRP skin rejuvenation


hair loss laser treatmentPlatelet Rich Plasma skin rejuvenation is the most widely accepted and recognized method of skin rejuvenation today. This is very popular among celebrities also as it is expected to yield immediate results. Other advantages are its safety factor and the skin glow that it delivers.

PRP, when applied to the skin causes a substantial plumping of the skin, giving the skin a youthful glow. It also fills outlines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and removes neck lines. The treatment not only gives you a glowing skin but also regenerates your collagen as well. The new collagen makes your skin look younger and healthier. PRP skin rejuvenation is simple and free from any side effects.


PRP contains concentrate of platelets which is extracted from your own blood. After collecting a sample of your blood in a test tube, the platelets are separated. The platelets are then activated and reintroduced to the skin through microneedles. The procedure can be completed within an hour.
PRP works by rejuvenating the skin thus helping in long term antiageing. PRP is also used to prevent pigmentation under the eyes
Usually, PRP treatment in performed once is three months. But it depends on your skin condition and the advice given by your dermatologist.

Consult Dr. Rasya to get a personalized treatment plan.

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