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Skin tags removal


Skin tags removalSkin tags are small, soft growths seen on the skin. These skin tags are harmless and usually seen over the face, neck and underarms. Skin tags can appear as small dark dot on the face both short and long.

Usually, skin tags are removed for cosmetic reasons. However, there are scenarios where skin tags may become large and need to be removed as an emergency.


The removal of skin tags is easy and simple; it is done using a laser or cautery machine. A thin layer of numbing cream is applied first over the affected areas. The skin tags are then cauterised with laser. After that, an antibiotic is applied over the treated areas. Normally, the skin tags get removed in three to five days. As a post treatment measure, you can apply a sunscreen regularly to prevent any pigmentation over the treated area.
In some people, there is a possibility of skin tags recurring but there is not much that you can do about it. Skin tags are also associated with obesity in some patients. So, one way of preventing recurrence of skin tags is through a healthy lifestyle.
There is a myth among people that if a skin tag is removed, many more may come back. This is absolutely false and there is no such possibility. You may consult Dr. Rasya for more information.

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