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Tattoo removal


Tattoo removalThe popularity of Tattoos has increased over time and almost have become a part of human body today. Tattoos are both temporary and permanent, amateur and professional.

There are multiple reasons as why people want to remove tattoo. In the corporate world tattoos are not allowed and hence they have to be removed. Similarly, in armed forces, there is restriction on the usage of tattoo. In the case of some others, they might still be having traditional tattoo from childhood and want to remove them.


Laser treatment is best recommended in tattoo removal. There are Q switched lasers which target the pigment in the tattoo helping the tattoo to fade. This method of treatment can also be combined with other treatments such as microneedling, dermabrasion, or fractional lasers to accelerate the fading of tattoo.
Usually, 4-8 sessions, around 6-8 weeks apart are required for the treatment of tattoos. However, it depends on the type of tattoo as multicolour and professional tattoos may require more sessions.
Some tattoos may cause itching and swelling. The reason for this is that tattoos contain pigments and these pigments may cause allergic reactions. Try using a corticosteroid cream will help you to reduce the swelling and itching. But if the problem still persists, there may be a keloid or infection over the tattoo. Do consult Dr. Rasya for expert advice.

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