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Vitamin peels


Vitamin peelsA Vitamin Peel is a peel in which Retinaldehyde is the main component and enhanced by a combination of powerful antioxidants and nutrients which helps to repair and modify the skin. The good thing about this molecule is that it can be stored in the skin and give consistent results.

Vitamin Peel is mostly recommended to restore and revitalize the skin with Vitamin products. The most effective among Vitamin peels are Vitamin A and Vitamin C peel. The demand for these peels is higher due to the safety and excellent results they offer.


The skin is analysed before the treatment and the effectiveness of Vitamin peel is determined. The Vitamin treatment is then rolled on to the skin and then left for a few hours depending on the skin type and concerns. A series of sessions are required for the Vitamin peel treatment to yield satisfactory results.
The working of Vitamin A peel is quite different from Chemical Peels. Vitamin A peel, rather than just exfoliating the outer layers of the skin, penetrate through the skin layers. Once Vitamin A reaches the deeper layers of the skin, it stimulates and enhances the formation of new cells.
Vitamin A peel is beneficial to you if your skin need treatment to address pigmentation, ageing changes or acne induced pigmentation. The Vitamin A peel not only tightens the skin as it remodels the collagen and elastin but also renews the epidermal skin cells, helping to lift pigmentation. The peel can help to reduce acne and modify acne induced scarring.

Consult Dr. Rasya to know more about Vitamin peels.

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