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Vitamin peels

  • What’s the deal with Vitamin peels?

Transforming the way to deliver, restore and rejuvenate skin with Vitamin products, the Vitamin peels are the newest in the market. Two of the most effective and innovative of these are the Vitamin A and the Vitamin C peel. These two non-acid peels are now much in demand due to their safety and the incredible results that they offer.

  • What is the Vitamin A peel?

The Active ingredient in the Vitamin peel is Retinaldehyde which is usually boosted by a combination of powerful antioxidants and nutrients which help repair and remodel the skin. This is the most stable form of Vitamin A, which is absorbed by the skin. The best part of the molecule is that it can be stored in the skin and gives persistent results.

  • How do Vitamin peels differ from chemical peels?

The Vitamin A peel works quite differently from Chemical peels. Rather than just exfoliating the outer layers of the skin, the Vitamin A (which is fat soluble) passes through the skin layers. Once the Vitamin A reaches the deep layers, it stimulates the formation of new and healthy cells.

  • Do I need a Vitamin A peel?

You could benefit from a Vitamin peel if your skin needs a treatment to address pigmentation, ageing changes, or acne induced pigmentation. The Vitamin A peel not only tightens and firms the skin as it remodels the collagen and elastin but also renews the epidermal skin cells, helping to lift pigmentation. The peel can help calm acne, and remodel acne induced scarring.

  • What is the procedure for the peel?

The skin is analysed before the treatment, and the potency of the Vitamin peel is determined. The Vitamin treatment is then massaged onto the skin, and then left on for a fixed number of hours, depending on the presenting skin type and concern.

The Vitamin A peel requires a series of treatments, as with any other peel treatment, to deliver effective results.

  • What is the Vitamin C peel?

Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant, and has been long recognised as a potent skin enhancer. Vitamin C can be used to exfoliate skin and it can

  • Should I get a Vitamin C peel for my skin? What is the aftercare for the Vitamin peel?

Do use a ph, balanced soap free face wash and a good moisturiser to promote healing of the treated skin. Use a broad band sunscreen regularly to prevent any hyperpigmentation or dyspigmentation of the treated skin. Restart treatment creams that have been prescribed after the exfoliation has been completed. Your dermatologist may also recommend vitamin creams or specific blending creams to enhance the results of the peels. Consult Dr. Rasya Dixit to know more about Vitamin peels.

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