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Wart removal


hair loss laser treatmentWarts are very common soft growths seen on the skin. Warts are caused due to infection by a virus – Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Usually, warts appear on the face, beard area, hands or feet. Unlike skin tags, warts have the tendency to spread from one portion of the body to another and from one person to another person.


The removal or warts are primarily due to cosmetic reasons. However, since there is a chance of spreading, warts have to be treated seriously.
Warts can be removed by a simple procedure using ablative or a cautery machine. Initially, a numbing cream is applied over the affected areas. Warts are then cauterised with laser. Post that, an antibiotic cream is applied over the treated areas. You can see the warts falling off in three to five days. Usually, your dermatologist will suggest an immunomodulatory cream to prevent recurrence of warts.
Since, the treatment of warts using cautery or laser only removes the visible portion, the root of the wart may still exist and cause recurrence of warts. The recurrence of warts can be prevented by using some immunomodulatory creams as suggested by your dermatologist.

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