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Stem Cell Treatments


hair loss laser treatmentThe research on Stem Cells being used in curing diseases has attracted immense importance in the field of medical science recently. The research has also opened the doors to various options in hair loss treatment as well.

Stem Cells are basically cells which can divide and form new cells. Stem cells can be obtained from plants, embryos, fat cells, blood cells, skin cells and hair cells.

However, most stem cells which are used in hair treatment today are not stem cells themselves, they are growth factors derived from the stem cells. These growth factors prevent growth cycle of hair follicles from becoming progressively shorter. Otherwise, the individual hairs produced by these hair follicles decrease in size and disappear gradually. The impact of these growth factors stimulates hair follicles. As a result, hairs which have become thinner, will become thicker thus leading to an increase in the number and density of hair.

Stem cell treatment is recommended on a fortnightly basis till desired results are seen. Thereafter, the treatment can be continued on a monthly basis for maintenance. Results are dependent on the age at the start of the hair loss as well as the age at the start of the treatment.

Stem cell treatment can be combined with other hair loss treatments such as Low Level Laser treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Enrich Hair treatments etc.


Stem cell treatment are delivered through dermarollers
Usually, people notice improvement after 3 to 4 months of initiating the treatment.

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