People often ask me what skin care regime they should follow. My answer depends upon the patients skin type but the one thing it always includes is sunscreen. Sunscreens work by protecting us from the harmful effects of uv Ray’s produced by the sun. These uv rays are responsible for tanning, common skin disorders like freckles, pmle, melasma etc. Sun exposure also causes photo ageing which is responsible for the fine lines and wrinkles. Photo ageing is due to the cumulative sun exposure we have had over the years whereas some conditions can occur even from a single exposure and this can occur at any age. To prevent these and delay the ageing process a sunscreen must be used regularly and religiously. While choosing a sunscreen go for a broad spectrum one with a SPF of 30 or more. It should be applied 20 minutes before stepping out and ideally repeated every 3-4 hours. If one needs to apply make up sunscreen can be used as the base. Ideally sunscreen should be used even indoors as uv Ray’s can penetrate glass and cause harmful effects. For children a physical sunscreen containing zinc should should be used. There are many different sunscreens available in the market, try a few and stick to whichever suits best or ask your dermatologist to help.

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