Dark Circles around Eyes

As compared to other parts of the body, the skin under the eyes is very thin and extremely delicate. This skin area is almost 10 times thinner than the rest of the face and has very few oil glands, resulting in lack of moisture.

Making facial expressions that include smiling, squinting, frowning and blinking lead to the muscles in the under-eye area to exercise more and when this factor is combined with frequent rubbing of eyes, exposure to the sun, smoking and stress, the end-product is wrinkles and dark areas around the eyes. Dark circles can also be caused by allergies, lack of sufficient sleep, low hemoglobin levels, hormonal changes and a hectic lifestyle.

Dark circles can appear in both males and females and are typically seen in people above 16 years of age. Quite often what looks like dark circles around the eyes is actually just dry skin. Moisturizing it at least twice daily will hydrate the skin and make it look healthier. Some easy home remedies include the following:

Tomatoes contain natural bleaching agents and antioxidants that reduce discoloration around the eyes.

Potatoes also have bleaching abilities and are effective in reducing discoloration and puffiness.

Cucumbers contain antioxidants and natural astringents that reduce under-eye circles and puffiness.

Aloe Vera gel has natural anti-inflammatory properties and makes an effective moisturizer for around the eyes.

Tea bags contain caffeine that shrinks blood vessels, reduces puffiness and makes your eyes glow.

Mint leaves contain the natural astringent menthol that improves blood circulation and improves dark eye circles.

Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer too as it also has vitamin E and antioxidants for addressing damaged skin cells and dryness.

Argan oil contains vitamin E and tocopherols which can help in replenishing moisture and reducing wrinkles by first improving the hydro-lipid layer around the eyes.

Your dermatologist is the best person to advice you on the right type of moisturizer that will suit your skin type. They can also advice you on any other changes you might need to make to address your dark eye circles. However, don’t expect to see results immediately as it takes time for adequate repair to occur. It’s important to apply a dermatologist prescribed under-eye cream every night as it will moisturize this delicate area and prevent the early breakdown of collagen, thus reducing chances of developing wrinkles early on.

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