Tips to stimulate Eyebrow Growth | Dr Rasya Dixit

As the concept of beauty is changing and evolving, thick natural eyebrows always stay in the game.
So, here are some things you should know about scanty eyebrows before you turn to remedies to obtain thick eyebrows.
Scanty eyebrows are quite common in some medical conditions. And so, the first thing you have to do is find out if there is a medical condition causing the scanty eyebrows.

One of the most likely possibilities could be the thyroid disease which is a common cause for the condition. Another considerable possibility is atopic dermatitis (eczema). The main symptom here includes the appearance of red rashes, crusted, scaly areas that are very itchy and could result in thick, dark, and scarred skin if you scratch. This condition causes loss of hair growth in the eyebrow region.
As a natural phenomenon, the thickness of the eyebrows comes down with aging and in some people, the eyebrows are genetically very thin or very lightly pigmented.

And now, the remedies.
One thing that you could do to improve the growth of the eyebrow is to apply some castor oil before hitting the bed at night. You can massage the area gently as it helps to rejuvenate the hair and the skin around the area. Another considerable solution is the use of some medicines which contain bimatoprost which can be applied like a serum on the eyebrow area twice a day. A considerable change can be observed within 2-3 months once you commence your medication. If you feel like the eyebrow regrowth hasn’t been sufficient enough with the medical measures, then it is important to consult a doctor as a lot of new procedures are evolving where treatment is done through micro-pigmentation or microblading which stimulates growth of hair in the eyebrow area which can be done by dermatologists who are very safe in their practice. Speak to your dermatologist at the earliest if you want a solution for your sparse eyebrows.

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