We have a lot of use of our hands. They get many things done for us. Besides, they contribute a lot to body language and hence, they are a very important.

Our hands take a lot of abuse, in normal life. Most times, this abuse not even noticed! We’re actually drying the skin on our hands on many occasions; when we wash them while using sanitizers, while shampooing or even while cutting sour vegetables, to name a few. Many of these activities actually strip the skin of its natural oils which is certainly not something good for it.

Have a rash? Here is what to do

Each time you wash your hands, towel dry them right away when the skin in still moist and apply a thick hand cream or moisturizer. Even petroleum jelly would do. This will prevent further rashes from forming. If the rashes do not show any signs of improvement, it is recommended that you visit a dermatologist. There are numerous patch tests available for the skin which help narrow down on the cause behind the rash.

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