Corns are warts are two common foot conditions that lead to thick painful lesions on the skin.

The Differences

Corns are formed at the pressure points under the foot, such as the area under the big toe and such, due to hardened skin growing inwards, usually caused by improper footwear. Warts are viral infections and are much more painful than the corns and can occur in other areas besides the pressure points.
If you go ahead and change to softer footwear and the pain still persists even weeks later, it could mean that it is a wart or a deep corn, which needs surgical removal. If it is a wart, doctors may recommend treatments such as cryotherapy, auto inoculation, MMI injections etc.

What is to be done?

Usually a doctor/dermatologist is the best one to tell you if yours is a corn or a wart. They can also recommend you the right kind of footwear. It is best these painful lesions are treated at the earliest as they affect the way a person walks, which sooner or leads to the misalignment of the bones โ€“ only bigger trouble.

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