Acne can leave scars which are permanent sequelae on your face. So, especially when it is nodulocystic acne it is imperative to treat it early so that you can prevent scars.

Acne is classified into four categories – mild, moderate, severe and nodulocystic. The most severe case of acne affects the face as well as shoulders, chest, back, etc can leave permanent scars on the affected areas. Treatment of this condition includes some oral medicines called as retinoids. These medicines should be taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner because it is necessary to do some blood tests and scans before starting the treatment. This will ensure that you don’t face the permanent sequelae of acne and experience a long standing improvement in the condition.

Avoid opting for home remedies in case you have nodulocystic acne, consult a dermatologist to get the right treatment.

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