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Treatment of Palmo Plantar Hyperhidrosis


hair loss laser treatmentSome people face the problem of excessive sweating of palms and soles which is called Palmo Planta Hyperhidrosis.

There are different methods of treating Palmo Planta Hyperhidrosis. The first method is treatment through Antiperspirants which are lotions and creams applied overnight. It blocks sweat production and secretion. They have to be used every day to get the desired results.

Another method of treatment is Iontophoresis in which you have to sit with your hands and feet in a tray of water and a low current passes through the water. The treatment takes approximately twenty to thirty minutes and have to be repeated several times a week to show results.

The next method is treatment using small quantities of Neuromodulator. It is the same medicine used to treat wrinkles.


If Antiperspirants or Iontophoresis are not working, your dermatologist may suggest Anticholinergic drugs for you but it is not advised to use for extended period as it may result in side effects like palpitations, dry mouth, blurred vision and urinary concerns.
The results last up to 7-10 months post treatment. Moreover, this is the best solution for someone who is looking for quick results.
Surgery is the option only for people who do not get cured by other non-surgical methods of treatment. Surgery can also leave scars after the treatment.
The treatment through Iontophoresis method can be performed at home once you start seeing evident results. You can buy a machine and start using from your home.

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