Unwanted facial hair

“It is so embarrassing to have this facial hair” a young girl who has newly joined college tells says,” everyone is looking at my upper lip, and I am so conscious”. Dermatologists, paediatricians and Gynecologists are noticing an increased number of young girls with complaints of visible facial hair. This could be due the changing hormone profiles of young women, world over, due to the changing diet and lifestyles, says Dr Rasya Dixit, of Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology.

What are the causes of unwanted Facial Hair in women?
Some women have more facial hair because it runs in their familes, such girls usually have more hair all over their body, and not just on their face. Other hormonal conditions like thyroid imbalance, polycystic ovarian disease, adrenal imbalance, prolactin imbalance can also cause facial hair growth. Some of these can be treated with tablets and pills to prevent further thickening of the hair.

An increase in the numbers and thickness of facial hair is commonly noticed in puberty, during pregnancy and in menopause due to the change in the hormones during these events.

Prolonged use of creams containing steroids can also cause hair growth, says Dr Dixit. These creams are very popular as skin lightening creams. Some medicines used for the treatment of epilepsy or fits can also cause such problems.

What are the treatment options for unwanted facial hair removal?
It is very important to know the underlying cause of the facial hair before starting off on selecting what treatment may be appropriate for you, says Dr Dixit. If there is an problem with your hormones, you will not be able to get satisfactory results with any treatment modality.

Traditional methods of hair removal include waxing, tweezing, threading which remove the hair from the root, and methods like shaving and chemical depilatory creams which remove the shaft of the hair. Both these types of treatment give temporary results, and may damage the overlying skin causing ingrown hair and pigmentation. People with sensitive skin and eczemas have lot of irritation and redness after any of the above procedures.

Laser Hair Reduction offers a safe, effective and painless alternative to these methods. Choose a laser which is safe for your skin type and work your way towards getting rid of unwanted hair for good. Dr Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic offers USFDA approved Diode painless hair removal for treatment of unwanted facial hair as a long term solution for facial hair reduction.

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