The grass is always greener on the other side and when it comes to hair, it is no different and it is a very usual thing for the ladies with curly hair desiring to straighten it and the vice versa! Our hair has a particular character to it owing to our very genetic code, which is of course, usually a permanent one and hence, regarding straightening or curling, we can go only as far altering hair’s physical texture, by using chemicals, heat and such. There is no natural way around it yet.

Interestingly, these methods of altering hair texture, though they work only on the part of the hair that has already grown out, are usually and popularly called ‘permanent’ alterations.

Does it damage the hair?

All the artificial methods today are chemical treatments which damage the hair shaft, while getting the job done. In a matter of 2 years, the hair turns brittle and the shaft is easily broken.

What can you do?

Embrace your curls! They are your chromosomes manifesting themselves. Use conditioners to bring out the natural luster of the hair. They also make the hair more manageable!

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