Ever since Shakira came out with her music video, Hips Don’t Lie, many a woman has dreamed of having well shaped, curvaceous buttocks. At our clinic, we have indeed received many questions about the role of hormones in the improvement of the appeal of the buttocks and we’d like to throw some light on it here.

The Two Hormones

Oestrogen and Progesterone are the hormones that are normally present in women, which are responsible for the way the buttocks (as well as the breasts) look. During puberty, the secretion of these hormones increase, however, taking these hormones as supplements could be dangerous. Oestrogen tablets are particularly notorious as it can harm a body with a normal homeostasis. They should be resolved to, if at all, only after the assessment by an endocrinologist, when it is found that the body is deficient of the hormone.

Oestrogen Creams

They are used as firming creams in the buttock and breast areas, and in postmenopausal women, such creams have been used to take care of stretch marks and dryness in the vaginal areas. These creams, though, work only ‘skin deep’ and make the skin smooth and taut but do not cause any real enlargement to the area.
If you are looking at enlargement, exercising is the way. The idea is to work out the Gluteus Maximus – the muscle that makes up the buttocks. Squats, lunges, walking up and down the stairs help. They make the muscle more prominent. You could talk to your physio/trainer about these exercises.

Surgical Implants

This is another option, done under a plastic surgeon’s supervision, where implants are used for a better appearance.

Other tips

Wearing the right clothing can help to a certain extent as well. Always wear a belt or an accessory that draws attention to your hip line. Take care that your pants/jeans do not compress your buttocks area too much. There are also new kinds of clothes available which are designed to accentuate your curves more.

If you would like to know more on buttock enhancements, please feel free to drop us a message!

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