The face is one of the most attractive areas on a person’s body. So everybody tries to focus their time, money and energy over their face. One procedure through which you can really improve your looks is by doing facial sculpts. When we talk about sculpting a face, it is to make an existing face more attractive. The aim is not to look younger, but it is to look more attractive. The eyes and the chin form the golden triangle, which determines how attractive your face looks. They form the golden ratio and are framed by the cheekbones. So inorder to elevate a high cheek bone, we can use a procedure called as filler. During this method, a filler is deposited along the jawbone to give the highlights on certain areas like the mid-cheek area. This helps to get an apple cheek or a more attractive youthful & attractive cheek. When you do this procedure, the light reflects on this area giving you a model like cheek.

If we observe, South Indians possess heavy cheeks, with massive masseter muscles. If you have a more round face, then you could inject a medicine called as botox into the jawline and that could give a visually thinner face and an improved jawline. The procedures are different for improving the jawline. A little bit of botulinum toxin or botox will be injected into the jaw muscles. There is a muscle called a platysma that goes and drapes the neck up and we could use a little bit of injections here to give you nice lifted tight jaw line and we call this as the Nefertiti lift. If there is a lot of sagging of tissue and too much of fat deposits, we can do an injection lipolysis. The tissue can be supported by injecting something called as a thread lift to tighten or sharpen the jaw line in this area. There are multiple procedures for improving the jawline and it is because there are multiple tissues that are causing the problem. The reasons can be fat deposits on the cheek & jaw areas, looseness of the collagen tissue that can cause the jowling, lack of defined jawline due to weakness of bone or a prolapse of the tissue. You can undergo thread lifts or filler treatments to correct these problems. If you are planning to have a non-surgical jawline improvement technique, it is advised to meet a qualified dermatologist and share your suggestions that are needed for your face.

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