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Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology is a highly reputed centre located in Koramangala. Dr. Rasya Dixit with a rich experience in treating various problems related to skin, hair and body consults at this centre. Register now to get an appointment with Dr. Rasya


Laser Hair ReductionLaser Hair Reduction is a medical procedure which uses Laser light to target and destroy the growing part of the hair root, in order to get permanent reduction in the size and numbers of hairs in any given area.

Acne Scar TreatmentTreatment is offered for moderate to severe acne. Acne is a menace that most people get to face at some point in their life; for some it might be just a few pimples here and there while for others.

PigmentationA chemical peel is a simple procedure to rejuvenate and treat many common skin conditions. In this treatment, a chemical agent of known concentration is applied to the skin to be treated for a fixed duration
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    Dr. Rasya also specializes in effective hair treatments.


    Dr. Rasya Dixit has her special interest in skin care related treatments.


    As one of the best dermatologists in Bangalore, body..



    • Outstanding Skin Care Expert!!!! Dr. Rasya Dixit is an amazing physician, who has mastered skin care, and also has superb interpersonal skills. After doing my rounds with dermatologists in the city , I was very happy to find her. Words can not express my sincere gratitude for how Dr. Rasya transformed my skin. When I first visited Dr. Rasya I hid under a layer of makeup and often felt a little insecure without my makeup and additives because I suffered from acne and very dark blemishes. I came to her office depressed by the state of …


    • I have been receiving treatment at Dr.Rasya’s clinic for the last 5 months now. Before going to her, I was told that there was little i could do to save my hair by other doctors. My baldness is hereditary – but i am only 26! Even though I went to her at a pretty advanced stage of male pattern baldness , she immediately put me on a simple treatment – both oral medicine as well as a topical treatment.She also suggested a suitable diet – high on proteins to help with the health of my hair. Within a couple of months…


    Other Services

    • Hair loss in men and women
    • Session on Habits for healthy hair
    • Chemical Peels
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Injection Lipolysis
    • Platelet rich plasma therapy
    • Tatoo Removal
    • Wart Removal
    • Mole Check
    • Enrich – The hair root treatment
    About Dr. Rasya

    Dr Rasya Dixit, Medical Director, is a trusted clinical and cosmetic dermatologist from Bangalore, with more than 10 years of experience and expertise in her field.

    She is a graduate of the prestigious St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore. She pursued her postgraduate degree in Dermatology in the world renowned Christian Medical College, Vellore. Dr Rasya is a rank student in both her undergraduate and post graduate studies.

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