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Hair Treatment

A glowing hair, to a large extent reflects the personality of an individual. A health hair requires right amount of care and sometimes treatment also. First of all, you need to be conscious about what to do and what not to do with your hair.

Hair Treatment Procedures

First of all, you have to realize the fact that all the shampoos which are available in the market are not good. Some of them even contains chemicals that can cause damage to your hair. So, it is better to consult a dermatologist before making a selection. If your place of stay is in Bangalore, then the best option is Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic. Dr. Rasya, is a renowned Dermatologist with more than 10 years of experience. The hair treatment procedures offered at the clinic are Dermaroller treatment for hair loss, Low Level Laser Treatment for hair loss, Enrich โ€“ The Hair Root Treatment, Stem Cell Treatment for hair loss, PRP therapy for hair loss etc. With Dr. Rasya, you can be rest assured of the best solution to all your hair related problems.

Dermaroller treatment for hair loss

Dermaroller is a painless and less expensive method of treatment for hair loss. There is a device with a rolling head and multiple fine needles fixed on to a rotating drum. The movement of the drum in the skin makes micro channels in the skin which increases the blood circulation to the scalp, flushes away toxins and brings fresh nutrition to the hair roots.

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Low Level Laser treatment for hair loss

Low level laser treatment is a method of treatment which uses low level laser or light emitting diodes. It works on hair loss by a method called Photobiomodulation. The application of the light on the skin affects the molecules of hair follicles thus making them healthier and more energetic.

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Enrich โ€“ The Hair Root treatment

Very often, hair loss is the result of insufficient nutrition and blood flow to the scalp and roots. Enrich โ€“ is a treatment wherein the dermatologist will decide the appropriate solution for you and then the solution is injected into the scalp through micro injections or through the dermaroller.

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Stem cells treatment for hair loss

Cells which can divide and form new cells are called Stem cells. The growth factors derived from Stem cells signal processes to reverse the miniaturisation of hair follicles. This will make thinner hairs thicker and increase hair density. Stem cells treatment are carried out through dermarollers.

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PRP Therapy for hair loss

PRP therapy is basically performed on women who are suffering from hair loss. PRP treatment is done by extracting platelets from your blood which is then activated and injected to the scalp using microinjections and microneedling (dermarollers). This facilitates blood flow to the scalp and provide important nutrients to the hair roots.

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Hair Fall/Hair Loss

Today, hair fall has become a major concern for both men and women of all ages. Stress, both in personal life and at work, change in dietary habits, hormonal changes and changes in lifestyle are the main reasons for hair fall/hair loss. Apart from this, reasons like dandruff, chemical treatments of hair also result in hair fall. Sudden increase in hair fall can be attributed to severe illness or crash diets. However, hair fall due to genetic factors like balding can be prevented if detected and treated early.

Hair loss in Men

Hair loss in men now starts as early as late twenties or early thirties. The common causes for hair loss in men are male pattern hair loss, hair loss following any illness, hair loss after chemical treatments of hair, patchy hair loss due to Alopecia Areata and hair loss due to smoking.

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Hair loss in Women

Most women complain that they lose hair in the bathroom. The major causes for hair fall in women are seasonal changes, excessive hair fall after severe illness, hair fall post pregnancy, thyroid disorders, post-menopausal hair loss, crash dieting, ironing, straightening and colouring procedures etc.

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Habits for Healthy Hair

A healthy hair can be maintained by following a few simple steps. (1) Be selective in choosing the shampoo (2) follow a healthy diet which is rich in proteins (3) Adequate water consumption (4) Ensure that you sleep for at least 8 hours a day (5) Proper meditation and exercise to reduce stress etc.

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